4 Pack of Hawaiian Finishing Salts

Save money when purchasing our whole line of finishing salts. 

Our salt is sourced 2000 feet below the ocean surface off the coast of Big Island. It's then solar dried and shipped directly to us. Chef Evan adds in Kauai grown ingredients to make our blends completely unique and like none other you will try. We hope you love them! 

Salts included are

- Chipotle 
Solar dried Kona sea salt' smoked kauai jalapeño peppers'

- Hawaiian Style
Solar dried Kona sea salt' Hawaiian chili pepper' Ginger' Turmeric' Pineapple' Orange Zest'

- Ghost Pepper
Solar dried Kona sea salt' Kauai grown ghost pepper powder'

- Black Lava
Solar dried Kona sea salt' charcoal

' locally sourced

* Duty charges and fees ARE NOT included in shipping cost for Canada (yet :) )