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Our Story

I love Kauai. I love everything about it. On this island we are all intertwined, which has given me a deeper sense of connection here. It also gave me the idea of creating a business that helps the community, combined with a passion to create healthy, sustainable products.

In 2010, I started Kauai Kombucha. This community I'm talking about pulled together and pledged on a Kickstarter campaign to help me with funds to start brewing, bottling, and selling this healthy, tasty, fermented beverage known to cure all sorts of ailments. I thought I was going to save the world. Realistically, it was hard, exhausting, and I had no idea what I was doing.

Fortunately, I don't like falling short of my goals. So I modified my methods, and eventually turned it into a business that many people seem to love, and a job I love doing. But here's the thing: although we live in paradise, I found difficult to consistently source locally to flavor the kombucha. I found it disheartening that I had to fly in some of my flavors when the seasons aren't right. An example is our best seller, Raspberry Ginger. Since raspberries don't grow in Hawaii I couldn't support as much local agriculture as I would of liked. I juiced as locally as possible, but when the demand outweighed the supply, I had to look outside of the island, which is not what I wanted to do when I started this company. So, I decided to make some changes to remain true to my commitment of offering products that are more directly connected with local organic farmers. 

This is how I did it:

I assembled an amazing team, and started Kauai Juice Co. Then we started producing cold pressed, glass bottled, organic, locally-sourced juices. Hawaii has an abundance of fresh produce, leafy greens, root veggies, herbs, and seasonal fruits. We may not be able to use them to flavor all our kombucha, but we can use them to provide the tastiest, most nutrient dense juices available.

Over the years we have heard from people over and over again about how much Kauai Kombucha has improved their health. These people have touched our hearts. That means more to us than anything. So to continue in the direction of healing, we decided to also offer juice cleanses and other health products. This website is a reflection of our growth and shows what all we offer when you come into our shops. 

Now three years after our expansion we’ve become obsessed with creating. Creating not just more healthy products and beautiful stores to offer them in, but also creating an outlet to help our consumers thrive and live the healthiest life possible. Our goal is to give back to our community, to offer a direction of heath and support for all of our customers. We want to do so all while treading lightly and lovingly on the planet. We aim to consume mindfully and want give people the option do be able to the same. The most minimal waste possible is left from our products, and we intend to set the standard for all other companies to follow our lead.

We are spreading as much aloha as possible as we continue to create within our company and outwards to our community. We want to thank you for joining us and supporting our ideas along the way.

With Love - The Kauai Juice Co Team

Beautiful local rainbow chard used in 5 different green juices on our menu.
Dylan Strong of Growing Strong Farms picking edible marigold flowers.
Brittney L. and Dani D. hanging with Jai, one of our favorite regulars.
Pickled Salad Beats;
Owners Kristal Muhich and Dylan Scott and their pups Sardine and Duke.
(Above) chard, local lychee, baby Kauai pineapple, and beets
Keri picking kale at Waipa Foundation northshore Kauai