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Fat Belly - For Sustainable Weightless
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Fat Belly - For Sustainable Weightless

Anima Mundi Herbals has composed a formula to support a sustainable form of weight loss. The herbs they've chosen help the body digest stagnant fat in the Liver, as well as from tissue. It has a highly anti-inflammatory makeup, as well as powerfully detoxifying to the liver.

The power and miraculous aspect about these herbs is that it strips the body from impurities, as well as unlocking the power of the Liver. The liver & gall bladder, if kept in balance, will naturally detox the body on a daily basis. Lots of bad oils, and saturated fats are hard to digest, therefore they accumulate in the liver and tissue. Having a few extra pounds, or having weight problems is primarily due to an inability to digest the oils that the person is consuming on-goingly. Unblock the liver from over accumulation of moisture, inflammation, and stagnation and enjoy the true power of your digestion.

30 drops, 3x a day - before meals (for intensive use)
30drops, 1-2x a day - before meals (for mild cleansing)

INGREDIENTS  (*Organic /  Wildcrafted)
Garcinia Cambogia^, Green Coffee*, Cha de Bugre^, mangosteen*, turmeric*, ginger*, in organic vegetable glycerin and filter water.



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