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Wellness Elixirs: The Boost We Could All Use!

Wellness Elixirs:  The Boost We Could All Use!

At Kauai Juice Co. there are two things we love to advocate for: the importance of self-care and using food as thy medicine. We created our wellness line with this in mind, so that you can easily practice both at the same time in a way that conveniently fits your schedule and lifestyle.  

Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, experiencing allergies, need some digestion help or want to add more minerals into your daily routine our convenient shot-sized elixirs made with Hawaii-grown ingredients have been known to help with all these ailments.


Quality Ingredients for Optimal Nutrition

Our elixirs are made with love and mostly Kaua’i-grown ingredients like ginger, turmeric, lemon, garlic and honey. Among the many benefits of consuming locally grown foods, they retain more nutrients and flavor (as crops are picked at peak ripeness) while also supporting our local food economy and biodynamic farming on Kauaʻi. Being on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there are some ingredients we are unable to source locally; in this case we seek out the highest quality organic sources we can find for things like e3live blue green algae, schisandra berry, sea buckthorn berry and more so you can enjoy their many health benefits. Furthermore, all of our elixirs are raw and unpasteurized. This ensures the potency of our elixirs as nutrients are maximized in raw pressed veggies that haven’t been heated.

Our elixirs can be extremely helpful if, for example, you’ve been neglecting your health a bit and need a quick boost to your nutrition, energy or immune system. However, if you’d like to enjoy more long-term effects, we recommend taking them on a regular basis (think daily self-care ritual) rather than for a quick fix. Read on to find out more about the healing effects of the ingredients and how they can enhance your life.  

Ordering our Elixirs Online

We now offer shipping to the U.S. and Canada so these Kaua’i-grown elixirs can be delivered right to your doorstep! The elixirs we ship are chosen specifically because they can handle shipping without compromising the nutrients in the bottles. We recommend refrigerating them for optimum flavor. 

Enjoying Them In-Store 

We have an even larger variety of shots in-house whether you’re trying to feel rejuvenated, to bounce back from having over-indulged the night before, to get over that cold or you just want a boost of happiness, we’ve got it. Some fan-favorites only available locally are our Local Greens, Blue Majik, Heavy Metal Detox and Sugar Cane. If you’re on Kauaʻi, you can stop by any of our three stores (Kapaa, Kilauea or Poipu) to grab your elixirs on-the-go. 

Kauai Juice Co. elixirs in store

Our Wellness Elixir Line

Each powerful shot is created with specific medicinal benefits in mind and can be split into as many servings as you like. You can start with incorporating a portion of the bottle into your salad vinaigrette, for example, or consume at your own pace working your way up to the entire bottle at once. Check out our full line of elixirs and more information about their uses and ingredients below. Bottoms up! 

Kauai Juice Co Wellness Elixirs  


This elixir aides digestion & helps relieve nausea symptoms. Ginger snap is also great to take while you’re sick as a sore throat soother. Made with fresh local ginger juice and a hint of Kaua’i honey sweetness. This is our most versatile and popular elixir. Buy Here

Ingredients: Cold pressed ginger juice^, cold pressed lemon juice^, Ceylon cinnamon*, Kaua'i honey^ (*certified organic, ^locally sourced) 



This elixir helps to alleviate inflammation.  We use fresh, local turmeric juice and Hawaiian chili peppers to help aid your immunity. This tangy, spice blend of local favorites will also fill you with energy, and help clear your sinuses, while the fermented Hawaiian chili peppers will give your metabolism and digestion a boost!

A touch of  black pepper is added as it enhances the health benefits of turmeric by helping your body absorb it more easily. We recommend taking the hot shot with a fat source of your choosing (our favorites are avocado or MCT oil). Buy Here

Ingredients: Cold pressed turmeric juice^, lilikoi*, cold pressed lemon juice^, fermented Hawaiian chili pepper*, black pepper*, ( *certified organic, ^locally sourced ) 



This elixir is great for mood and energy balance. Loaded with minerals, this blend of Himalayan shilajit and e3live does wonders for cognitive brain function, healthy libido, and balanced energy.

High mineral shot Kauai Juice Co.

This earthy elixir also contains schisandra berry (loaded with Vitamin C) which helps with proper absorption. We recommend taking High Mineral early in the day or anytime you need a bit of a mood boost! Feel free to stock up as these are good for up to one year. Buy Here

Ingredients: Fractal Forest wildcraft Himalayan shilajit resin, e3live blue green algae*, schisandra berry* (*certified organic, ^locally sourced)



Warning: Our lifesaver elixir is intense and will do wonders for your immunity! Life Saver is your secret weapon when feeling any sort of common illness coming on.

Life Saver shot

This elixir is great to travel with as it does not need to be refrigerated and it works as a protective shield for your immune system. Take as a shot or make into a delicious salad dressing. 1 bottle = 2 servings, we recommend consuming this one with food. Good for up to one year. Buy Here

Ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar*, cold pressed turmeric juice^, cold pressed ginger juice^, raw garlic*, horseradish* (*certified organic, ^locally sourced)



This Elixir is loaded with Vitamin C. It aims to heal your ligaments and aids in tissue repair while boosting your skin elasticity. Our most beautifying shot!

Tropical RX wellness shot Kauai Juice Co.

Sea buckthorn can also assist in heart and liver health as well as being a natural immune booster. The black pepper assists your body in absorption. We recommend taking this daily as part of your supplement routine. Buy Here

Ingredients: Cold pressed turmeric juice^, sea buckthorn berry*, cold pressed lemon juice^, black pepper* (*certified organic, ^locally sourced)




Kauai Juice Co Wellness Elixir Line

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