What We Do

Kauai Juice Co. is a constantly expanding and changing business on the island of Kauai. The company was founded on the principle that healthy options that taste great should be easily accessible and support a strong, local economy and agriculture sector at the same time.  A healthy community relies on a direct food system. It’s simple. By directly supporting the people who feed us - our local farmers - we support local families, keep money local and reduce carbon emissions.

By using glass containers, which we buy back from our customers to sanitize and reuse, we create a smaller carbon footprint. In 2019, we reused more than 300,000 bottles. That’s a huge impact on our little island. We believe in sustainability over profits. It actually costs the company twice as much to buy back and reuse our bottles instead of just recycling them and buying new ones.

Hands holding bottle of kombucha on the beach
Back of house team members holding bottles of juice

Our retail stores are more than a place to buy juice. They’re a hub to educate the public about nutrition, health and sustainable practices. We offer fresh cold pressed juice, nut milks and elixirs in our stores daily. We also offer a large selection of kombucha, hot sauces, food options, merchandise and products from vendors who have our stamp of approval within our stores, located in Kilauea, Kapaa and Poipu. 

Through this website we ship hot sauces, merchandise and select elixirs all over the country. This website also often serves as a contact point for businesses around the state of Hawaii that sell our kombucha. 

At Kauai Juice Co. we do everything we can to work with our neighbors from inspiring sustainable practices to supporting local agriculture, and everything in-between. Our passion is to help our little island Ohana and our friends around the world be the best that they can be.

Who We Are

Jasmine Madson

Jasmine Madson

Managing all 3 of our Kauai retail shops and staying on top of all the new and exciting items we bring into the stores.

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“My favorite thing about the Juice Co. is that we make the freshest, most nutrient-dense juice on planet Earth, and we do it in a way that is not just sustainable, but regenerative - in how it impacts our local community.”

Stef Craig

Stef Craig

KJC has been lucky enough to have Stef in the company for 6 years. She ensures our kapaa store runs smoothly from slinging juice, chatting it up with the regulars, and ensuring her team is set up for success. 

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“My favorite thing about the Juice Co. is that every single choice you make in this store is a positive choice. In purchasing any of our products you are supporting the health of your body and your community in one go. I love that we are continually striving to be a better version of ourselves. We morph and change constantly to fit the specific needs of our planet and our community. I also am so blessed to feel like this company encourages me to be the best and highest version of my sparkling self.”

Miguel Magaña

Miguel Magaña, Mixologist

Miguel is a master in the kitchen. Overseeing the production kitchen he always brings his "A" game and specializes in making sure everything tastes on point before it leaves our warehouse.

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“Being here almost five years now, I saw it from what it was in the dragon building to where it was in the first Kapaa location to here. We went from basically a broom closet to where we are now. Now we have two walk-in freezers, each the size of the original walk-in that the whole business ran out of. Working at the Juice Co. is like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. It’s just the most unimaginable adventure you could find yourself in.”

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson, Presser

From pressing, mixing, and pouring Chris plays a huge part in our production team. 


“My favorite part about this job is the owners. Dylan and Kristal have been really great to me the past six years. They're like my family.”

Emily French

Emily French, Grab and Go

Emily runs our daily grab and go food department available in all 3 KJC retail locations.

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“My favorite thing about the Juice Co. is the healthy atmosphere. It’s easier to live a health-conscious lifestyle when you’re surrounded by healthy practices at work. Dylan and Kristal are always inspiring me to be my best self.”

Nicci W, Shipping Department

Nicci does anything the Juice Co. needs from working in the retail shops to most recently managing the shipping department.

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“Ever since moving to Kauai in 2016, I've always wanted to be a part of Kauai Juice Co's Dream Team. I look up to the owners Kristal and Dylan as they have been supporting our local farmers and community since day one. I look forward to coming into work each day knowing we have a fun, conscious and productive team. It's one of my many favorite parts about working with Kauai Juice Co.”

Evan Bennett

Evan Bennett, Fermentation & Sauce

Evan is the funk master. He's got fermenting kombucha, jun, kimchi and sauerkraut down to a perfect probiotic-filled science.


“My favorite thing is the crew. I think we all get a kick out of making a quality product and we all take pride in what we do here. I appreciate working with people who care about what they do.”

John Vaughan

John Vaughan, Wholesale Delivery

John gets our bottles of Kombucha, Hot Sauce, and Elixirs on the shelves all across Kauai.


“My favorite thing is our sustainability, our support for local farmers and the fact that we use fresh products in all of our drinks. Sustainability is important to me because we need to save resources and land for the next generation. I also like that we maintain a happy relationship with local farmers.”