Wellness Elixirs

Now offering nationwide shipping, these Kaua'i made tonics can show up fresh on your doorstep.

These elixirs were formulated to handle shipping without compromising quality. Each powerful shot was created with specific medicinal benefits in mind. By purchasing our elixirs you are supporting your health and bio dynamic farming on the island of Kauai. 

bottle of tropical rx elixir by Kauai Juice Co

Tropical Rx Elixir

2 oz bottle of ginger snap elixir

Ginger Snap Elixir

bottle of yellow Hot Shot Elixir

Hot Shot Elixir

bottle of High Mineral Elixir

High Mineral Elixir

2oz bottle of Life Saver Elixir

Lifesaver Elixir

5 jars of Kauai Juice Co Elixirs


bottle of Anima Mundi Adaptogenic Herbal Supplement

Anima Mundi Adaptogenic Tonic

2 oz dropper bottle of Anima Mundi fat belly metabolism booster herbal supplement

Fat Belly Tonic

Lucid Dreaming Elixir

Anima mundi Botanical euphoria spirit elixir bottle

Euphoria Spirit + Love Elixir