• Woman holding a bottle of juice and smiling

    Did someone say shots? Kale, blue algae, colostrum ( w/ caffeine chaser), carrots...you name it and you can take it! I literally took 3 while I was standing there and bought a round for my friends! I so wish I lived next door to Kauai Juice Co. This place is raw and wonderful. 

    Health and energy just exude from this sweet little shop tucked off the main street - next to a great coffee shop too...Java Kai in Kapaa Town.

    Check out the giant mother shrooms fermenting in the big glass jars on the wall. Reminds me of when my parents attempted to brew their own kombucha! We had big mushrooms fermenting in bowls around the kitchen.

    This stuff is authentic and made with thoughtful combinations. Try any/all of the milks if you want a sweet treat that is more like a shake and less like a garden party. Either way your body will thank you.

    If there was one of these in Ballard here in Seattle- there would be a constant line out the door!!!


  • A hand holding a box of juice in a field

    You all have been so supportive, nourishing me and my husband since January 2014. I thrive on my monthly juice cleanses. These have given me, in combination with my beloved yoga instructors, a way of being on “Raw Food Retreat” at home while continuing to work.

    Between cleanses, I am sure to cycle through all the products you offer, enjoying the “specials”. I rarely miss a “Thirsty Thursday” for my shot of the week.

    The radiantly healthy, beautiful, handsome, knowledgeable staff are a constant inspiration.  I am grateful for your creativity and business expertise that have made Kauai Juice Company the success that it is! (your cocktails at local restaurants are delicious, too)

    Maholo, with love and light,
    ANNE — Our very first Kauai Juice Co Cleanser

  • Bottles of juice in a carry box

    There are juices and then there are really great, organic, cold pressed, and delicious juices!!!  My Kauai ohana told me that I just had to try this AMAZING company. They know that I love me my kombucha and guaranteed me that I've never, ever, tasted one like the kind that Kauai Juice Co. makes. You know what? I haven't, it was soooo DAMN AWESOME, that I drank it, and ALL of their amazing creations everyday during my visit this month. I mean, what better to cleanse, detox, and reinvigorate you mind, body, and soul?

    Their kombucha has the perfect balance of flavors. Not too tart, not too sweet, not too acidic, but heaven in a bottle just right! As for their juices, well, the gods have blessed me, they are delicious, cold pressed, organic, locally sourced, and just so amazingly delicious! Bring the empty bottles back and you get a $.50 credit.

    I sent my better half and all my friends out to score me these amazing juices and kombuchas for me whilst I was out training in the surf everyday. My health, energy, and surfing rocked because of Kauai Juice Co.! I was blessed and so darn stoked to have discovered this delicious, nutritious, and amazing company!  

    My only regret is that I wish they would build a pipeline to the mainland and hook up all of their amazing creations to my tap so I could drink their lovely goodness in California. Why? Well, because not all nectars are created equally!!!


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    I was in Kauai for a week with the wife and we stumbled upon this place. I've been to juice bars literally all over the world and this is one of the best I've ever been to. I've even done quite a bit of juicing at home, so I'm a good judge of what is good. Living in LA, there are juices bars on every other block and this place blows them all out of the water, it's in the top 3 juice places I've ever been to and I've probably been to a hundred.

    The people that work there are sweet, helpful, such a great energy. Everything we tried, from the juices to the shots to the treats were delicious. I was addicted to this place within a few days and now miss it that we're gone. Obsessed with this place, they need to expand, PLEASE OPEN ONE IN LA!! :)

    NEVIN M.

  • A box of juices in front of a Kauai Juice storefront

    Love this place!!! Born and raised on Kaua'i and this is my go to for shots and their fresh juices. I usually get the avatar ( fav drink) which is coconut water, blue Majik, pineapple and chia seeds. The chia seed pudding rocks! The shots are always amazing and refreshing. Customer service rocks as well!

    Resa R.

    If you're craving GENUINE, PURE, and FRESH this is the spot!!! Kauai Juice Co. is above and beyond great. Their customer service and quality is a direct reflection of what they are all about. Jasmine at the Poipu store was very helpful and kind. I tried to leave a tip and she kindly dismissed my gesture. I will continue to purchase fresh juices and milks from them and I highly recommend Kauai Juice Co!!!

    Kalama S.

  • $11.00 for a little teeny 16oz juice??? What does it taste like?
    Like making out with Athena after she's been drinking Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, that's what.

    Get in here and cleanse your life with some delicious and super potent healthy juices. You will not regret it, unless you want a shortened lifespan and lower quality of life while you're here... in that case McDonalds is two blocks away.

    To put the price in perspective, I walked to the health food store next door and racked up a $50.00 tab getting a few beach snacks, including a $10.00 watermelon that fit in the palm of my hand. My girlfriend made up the hashtag #Kauaistandard for this one.

    JULES F.