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100% of Ingredients are Grown in the Hawaiian Islands and/or Organic

We currently do not ship our daily menu items, however, we do ship our hot sauce and other merchandise. For more info about our menu, customizing a cleanse, or local pickup orders, please contact us.

Daily Specials

Grab and Go

Cacao Maca Chia Seed Parfiat - $11

KJC almond milk, cacao, maple and maca. Tossed with fresh pineapple and strawberry. Layered with a coconut honey cream. Topped with KJC granola (oats, coconut sugar, millet, coconut oil, cashew, fig).

Marinated Kelp Noodle Salad - $10

Kelp noodles and bell pepper tossed in a ginger coconut satay sauce. With zucchini, clover sprouts, cilantro and Thai basil. Topped with lemon cured cucumber and carrot.

Quinoa with Fresh Pesto - $10

Quinoa tossed with pesto, cucumber, kalamata olive and spinach. With balsamic marinated tomatoes and a cashew nutritional yeast topper.

Roasted Chili Honey Cashews - $7

Cashews tossed in Kauai honey and fermented chocolate habaneros. Roasted to perfection and dusted with hemp seeds and Hawaiian salt.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - $6

Pumpkin seed tossed with a tamari reduction and dusted with KJC pepper powder. Then roasted to perfection. (*Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, tamari, onion, garlic, toasted sesame oil, chocolate habanero pepper)

Cold Pressed Juice

Spring Break - $10

cucumber, pineapple, ginger, lemon

NoGi - $11

cucumber. pineapple. kale. cilantro. fermented jalapeño

Straight Apple Juice- $8