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There are many great companies that we've brought into our stores. Whether they are Kauai based or sourced elsewhere we choose ethical vendors with the best of the best products. Below is a taste of some of our favorite products we live by.


Prebiotic + Probiotic

The Nue Co. Digest Start dropper bottle

Digest Start

Pure Himalayan Shilijit Resin

black dropper bottle of DHA

DHA Water Extracted Algae Oil


bottle of beekeeper's natural throat spray for kids

Kids Propolis Throat Spray

Reishi Spore Powder

6.4 oz can of True Colostrum

True Colostrum

clear glass bottle, jar of hawaii honey, can of true colostrum, and jar of reishi spore powder

Reishi River Bundle

bottle of Anima Mundi Adaptogenic Herbal Supplement

Anima Mundi Adaptogenic Tonic

2 oz dropper bottle of Anima Mundi fat belly metabolism booster herbal supplement

Fat Belly Tonic

Lucid Dreaming Elixir

Liposomal Ultra Vitamin

Thieves Essential Oil

Black Gold Turmeric Tincture

amber bottle of Elderberry Elixir by Wooden Spoon Herbs

Elderberry Elixir

clear jar of Kauai Juice Co Tocotrienols

Rice Bran Tocotrienols

amber dropper bottle of Wooden Spoon Herbs Anxiety Ally tonic

Anxiety Ally

Raw Kauai Nectar Bee Pollen


bag of Hawaiian Coffee scrub

Ili Hawaiian Coffee Scrub Large

bag of Hawaiian Coffee scrub

Ili Hawaiian Coffee Scrub Small