Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is your juicer the best?

Our juice is crafted slowly on a Norwalk Juicer and the X-1 Juicer, which are hydraulic presses that apply 2000 pounds of pressure on our lovely farm-fresh produce. This method is much slower than conventional high-speed rotary blade machines; it does not heat the juice from excess friction or damage the living enzymatic qualities of the juice. Because cold-press does not force air into the juice during pressing, the juice does not rapidly oxidize and decay as with other faster methods of juice extraction. This allows us at KJC to keep our juice alive and vital for 3-5 days.

What is cold pressed juice?

What makes cold-pressed so special is that it keeps the integrity of the produce completely intact, enabling your body to absorb the nutrients in their purest form. The vitamins and minerals in the juice get absorbed into your bloodstream immediately. This results in instant nutrition and nourishment for your entire body.

Why is your juice so good?

We source from over 30 small farms on Kauai. There are no major farms that we can just call up to get produce delivered to us, which is a huge benefit to you! That means the fruits & veggies you're drinking were grown within 30 miles, hand picked and delivered to us the same day. You can not possibly get any fresher than that when you factor in the convenience of our juice being glass bottled for you and ready to enjoy.

Why should I drink fresh juice and cleanse?

Over the years, our bodies absorb toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the stress we have, making it acidic. There is also debris that builds up around your colon and intestines from eating unhealthy, indigestible foods. One of the ways to rid your body of these toxins and debris is to alkalize by filling your body with fresh, organic, alkaline foods. Cleansing brings your body from an acidic state to an alkaline state which will help you have less chance of inflammation and illness, putting you on the road to optimal health.

What if I have a gluten allergy?

All of our products are 100% gluten-free.

Are your products vegan?

We do not use any dairy, fish or meat. We use raw local Kauai honey in a few of our products.

Is it organic and local?

We aim to use the highest quality produce we can at all times. Some produce on our menu cannot be grown in Hawaii, such as apples, berries, and almonds. These we ship in and make sure they are always from certified organic trusted farms.

Your juice seems expensive, is that normal?

Sure is. On average we use 3-6 pounds of organic fruit and veggies in each drink. Our juice is ultra-concentrated and contains only the highest quality ingredients we can source; never any added water! If you’re getting juice for a cheaper price, that’s because it’s a cheaper product to produce; it’s non-organic, not locally sourced, pasteurized, or has added water. KJC has the most nutrient-dense organic juice available; therefore our prices reflect that.

What should I do if I want to cleanse?

We would love to help you! If you want to cleanse we want to know more about you so that we can set you up appropriately with the exact cleanse designed for you. We recommend you emailing us at or calling us directly at 808-634-0886.

How long do your products last?

Our juices stay at 100% nutritional value for three days from the day you purchase them as long as they are properly stored in the fridge. After that they will last an additional 3-7 days in the fridge while slowly losing flavor and enzymes. We recommend you drink our juicewithin 3 days of purchase. The kombucha has an indefinite shelf life, but beware it gets extra bubbly and vinegary the longer it is left. Also make sure to keep our booch refrigerated to avoid bottle explosions. Our hot sauces and other fermented products will last a year on your shelf.

Can I change the ingredients in your juices?

We have a huge menu with a lot of juices to make every night so unfortunately we can’t special make a new juice upon asking. However we love suggestions on new juices to make, so if you have a great idea and let us know we might be able to run it as a special for a day.

How do I pre order juices for pick up?

You can call our shops directly or email us at info@kauaijuiceco if you'd like to preorder for a different day pick up. Please place your orders for the next day before 12pm. You can also call the shops if you want something set aside and picked up the same day that we already have in stock

Do you deliver your juice?

We do not deliver juice. However, we have three different retail locations set up across the island so you don’t have to drive far to come to us! Check out our locations on our contact page.

Do you ship?

We do! But only our hot sauces and selected merchandise. Our juice is too fresh and perishable to ship at the moment. We’d love to hear from you though - email us at to get some goods.

Are your shops or products on Oahu?

We are only on Kauai at this time.

I want to juice at home. What juicer do you recommend?

If you're looking for speed and you plan to drink your juice within 10 minutes of juicing we suggest the Jack Lalanne ($100). If you're looking to do your own personal cleanse or add 1-3 juices into your daily life, we recommend the Greenstar or Omega ($450). When you juice with these your result will last for 3 days in the fridge, making it more likely for you to actually drink more juice. If you have ever juiced before you know that juicing is a huge pain. It's such a mess. Plus, no matter what juicer you buy, it sucks to clean. That's why we suggest making juice for 2-3 days at a time so you don't have to go through that ordeal but once or twice a week. And in that case, you'll need a fancier juicer (Omega or Greenstar) so that your drinks don't oxidize and you get all the nutrients out of it that you paid for.


Why is kombucha so good for me?

There are numerous reasons why Kombucha is good for you. To sum it up, Kombucha is a fermented probiotic. It has healthy bacteria and essential acids that help with digestion, joint care, detoxification, and boosting your immune system. People love it as a healthy replacement to beer because the carbonation can stimulate the same feeling of beer, but with positive side effects.

Why are some kombuchas fizzy and others are not?

There are so many factors that come into play when hand bottling and naturally carbonating a living drink. These factors include weather, natural sugars found in the fruit, brew time, tea varieties, secondary fermentation, refrigerator temperature, transport time, and so on into boring brew crafting literature… Considering that we are a very small company, and every single bottle is hand poured, I can say that there is absolutely no way to control every one of these factors. However, after five years at this game we feel we have gotten pretty good at it and try our best to keep each drink slightly carbonated without explosions. Please keep in mind if you get a kombucha that isn’t as fizzy as the last it doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as healthy for you as the last one. The bubbles play no roll in the nutritional value of the booch.

What if I want my kombucha fizzier?

Tighten the top and leave it out at room temperature for 1 day. WARNING - Do this with caution.

Can your kombucha bottles explode?

It has not happened for a very long time, but yes, it has happened before. As with any artisan drink there can be complications. Please never leave bottles in warm vehicles, beaches, or anywhere room temperature for days. KJC can't be responsible for the beverages after you've purchased them and we want to make sure they are drank quickly, and that people are aware that they need to be immediately refrigerated.

Your kombucha tastes different than all others that I’ve tried, why is that?

It's because ours is probably the freshest bottled kombucha you have ever had. We use at least 20% fresh juice in every bottle. We ferment and stock the shelves for you every other week. We are very involved within all of our accounts, and we make sure that our kombucha is properly rotated and none sit longer than 2 weeks on the shelf. Probiotics are most alive and active in their younger state, so we bottle and sell ours at the prime time when the healthy parts of the drink are most prevalent. All of these factors are why our kombucha stands above others and why people can taste the difference.

Bottle Return Policies

What's up with the bottle deposit?

We charge a refundable deposit fee of .25cents per 32oz, 17 oz, 9.5oz, and 2 oz bottles. This is already included in the price of each purchase! You can return them at our retail shops in Kapaa, Kilauea and Poipu.

What are the guidelines in returning the bottles?

MOST IMPORTANT: Please return each bottle properly rinsed out. There cannot be any old matter on the bottles at all if you want to get your bottle deposit back. Our prime focus is making delicious juice, not how to grow into a large scale dishwashing facility. We accept the bottles back because we care about waste on our island and don't want to see them in the landfill, but you must put effort in on your end and please rinse the bottle. We are a tiny company - we do not have the machinery to soak and clean the bottles properly if you have not rinsed them after your use. We have actual humans that sanitize the bottles, not fancy equipment. Please keep them in mind when you're returning them - they will greatly appreciate it! The best and easiest way to clean your bottles is to rinse them immediately after consuming your drink. Some juice bottles do need to be lightly scrubbed. If you leave the bottles uncleaned for an extended period of time old matter will form on the bottle and we will not be able to refund your deposit or re-use the bottles. Remember, we are a tiny island and we need to do our best to conserve and re-use what we can.

- We sell bottle brushes at all 3 locations at the same cost that we buy them for - just $3.

- Please recycle the lids of the juice bottles, we can not re-use them. However we can take back and re-use the lids to our larger jars for Kimchi, beets and other grab ’n’ go food.

- It is best to return the bottles as quickly as possible. The longer they sit around the more likely they are to get dirty and moldy, which will cause you to have to re-clean. Now that we are open set hours you can add us to your regular recycling days and make us a part of your weekly/monthly schedule. We greatly appreciate all of the effort you put in on your side to keep Kauai free of waste.

Why do you use glass bottles instead of plastic?

Plastic bottles are known for their negative effects on the health of our bodies (like leaching chemicals into beverages) and on the planet (plastic is a leading cause of pollution). We try to produce as little waste as possible, and our reusable glass bottles are one more way of achieving that goal.