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Matcha Mania: The Green Tea Trend that's Here to Stay at Kauai Juice Co!

Matcha Mania: The Green Tea Trend that's Here to Stay at Kauai Juice Co!

Are you ready to drink up the spring colors, flavor, and unparalleled health benefits? Our new matcha concoction is the superstar ingredient that's taking center stage at Kauai Juice Co. this month! 

What is Matcha, Anyway? Matcha is more than just your average green tea. It's a finely ground powder made from specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Unlike traditional green tea, where the leaves are steeped and then discarded, with matcha, you consume the entire leaf, maximizing its nutritional potency.  

Why Matcha? At Kauai Juice Co, we're committed to providing the best for our customers and our ceremonial grade matchaelogist makes it unmatched. Matcha offers a trifecta of benefits: 

  • Enhanced Focus: Matcha provides a calm yet alert state of mind, perfect for mental clarity and focus.
  • Boosted Metabolism: The combination of caffeine and other compounds in matcha can promote fat burning and increase metabolism.
  • Immune Support: With its blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, matcha provides a powerful boost to the immune system.
Therefore, we've made some matcha creations to diversify our drink menu and options for all you matcha lovers. But wait, there's more! 
Our Matcha Creations: We're beyond stoked to introduce our matcha creations made with our in-house coconut cream and local honey for a deliciously unique flavor. Whether it's a matcha latte or a refreshing matcha smoothie, we've got something for everyone. We've got you covered! In addition to our We offer three different types of matcha on our shelves, sourced from top-quality brands like Matchaeologist, Anima Mundi, Maui Matcha, and Laka Matcha. Plus, we have all the accessories you need to make your matcha at home, including bowls, whisks, and frothers from Lake & Oak and Aiya Matcha. We're all about embracing the latest culinary trends while staying true to our roots!
At Kauai Juice Co, Matcha represents the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, and we couldn't be more excited to share its wonders with you, our valued customers! Hana hou to vibrant health and unforgettable taste bud experiences!

With Gratitude,
The Kauai Juice Co. Team

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