KJC Reishi River Bundle

You've heard it called the "brownie", "chocolate", "heaven in a shot glass" But the proper name is actually the Reishi River through the Land of Milk and Honey! Yes, we know its a bit extra but its truly one of the most magical shots we offer! And the best part about it-its SO good for you!!

This bundle includes a 60 day supply of everything you need to make your very own Reishi River from home! 

- 50g Kotuku Elixirs Reishi Spore Power 

- 8 oz. Raw local Hawaii Honey 

- 6.4 oz. Mattole Valley Naturals Colostrum 

- 9 1/2 oz. KJC MCT Oil 

Here is the breakdown: Reishi spores are an adaptogenic mushroom, they help combat your bodies stressor signals and help you adapt to those stressors. When taken consistently, reishi can also boost your immune system, it can help combat fatigue and depression, and they have cancer fighting properties.

Colostrum from Mattole Valley Naturals is the other amazing aspect to the Land of Milk and Honey shot! This bovine colostrum source is amazing for your intestinal tract and can help with leaky gut and other digestive issues. It is also packed with antibodies and is more effective at preventing the flu when taken consistently than the flu shot!

We have created a fun and delicious way to consume these amazing medicinal mushrooms!

Our recipe is 

1 Teaspoon Colostrum + 1/4 teaspoon Rishi Spore Powder + Dash mct + Dash honey  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease



*Currently unavailable for Canada Shiping