Kiawe Smoked Hot Sauce


This is our most mild, but also one of our most popular sauces! We get our jalapeños from farmers all over the island and smoke them in small batches with Kauai Kiawe wood to get that delicious smoky flavor. This is a fan favorite and goes great on all dishes. 


apple cider vinegar*, smoked jalapeños', fermented Hawaiian chili pepper', carrot*, onion*, garlic*, Hawaiian sea salt'

*  - certified organic 

' - sourced locally

5 oz bottle

BE ADVISED: This sauce contains fermented peppers. Fermentation is known to increase bioavailable nutrients in food, as well as produce B vitamins, lactic acid and omega 3's. So you might feel awesome as a result of consuming it!

* Duty charges and fees ARE NOT included in shipping cost for Canada (yet :) )