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Breaking Down the Blues: E3live Blue-Green Algae & Blue Majik

Breaking Down the Blues:  E3live Blue-Green Algae & Blue Majik

Some of the most popular questions we receive have to do with the bright tropical colors and intriguing ingredients you can find in our products.  Today, we wanted to talk about two of our favorites: E3live blue-green algae and Blue Majik! Whether this is your first time hearing about these diverse superfoods, you’re attracted by their pigments, or just curious about their unique taste, we’re excited to shed some light on the question marks!

 E 3 l i v e

Also called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (or the sound you make when you sneeze) is a certified organic, natural blue-green algae that grows in large shallow, freshwater lakes.  It comes in a beautiful green liquid state, suggesting support in overall body and mind balance by improving one’s mood and energy along with immune, intestinal and digestive systems.


Our favourite way to drink it is in the HIGH MINERAL Elixir. Loaded with minerals, this blend of Fractal Forest wildcraft Himalayan shilajit resin, locally sourced schisandra berry and E3live blue green algae does wonders for cognitive brain function, healthy libido, and balanced energy. It is available online by itself and in our Elixir 5 Pack Sampler!

We love the colors that algae produces so much that we even made a Blue Green Algae Elixir Sticker to brighten your journal, bumper, surfboard or wherever you choose to stick it!

B l u e  M a j i k

Probably the most spectacular color ever, this brilliant ocean blue powder is an aqua botanical extract that gets its pigment from photosynthetic compounds in Spirulina algae.  Rich in vitamin B12, vitamin A and iron, Blue Majik is a great choice for anyone wanting to up their daily intake of important nutrients! We recommend taking it before, during or after any activity to reduce inflammation and give you that extra boost!


We absolutely love adding this to smoothie bowls or enjoying it  in our hydrating AVATAR cold pressed juice made of coconut water, chia seeds, pineapple and of course Blue Majik! Be sure to pop by any 3 of our locations and try one of these superfood concoxions !

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