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Stay Connected

Stay Connected

At Kauai Juice Company, we are so grateful to have a diverse customer base from all around the world! It is a beautiful thing to share our passion for health and wellness with such an amazing community locally, and globally. We aim to stay connected and start conversations about making positive choices, long after your visit us on the island. Luckily for us, our supportive customer base usually picks up a sticker or two, to remember their visit and take a little piece of us with them. We aim to create memorable designs like the outline of our beautiful island, use bright rainbow colors to reflect our delicious local juices, or include slogans to remind you to ‘Drink more plants’. Over the years, Stickermule continues to provide us with beautiful products, design assistance, a user-friendly website and exceptional customer service! We are so appreciative of their partnership in our aim to keep our sweet new friends connected.

You can check out their custom stickers​ at!

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